Blog-Influencer Marketing Just Went Mainstream With Postifluence

Link-building is dead! Long live link-building.

Postifluence is the herald for a new generation of SEO. It’s not about blasting your links on blog comments, sidebars and building gigantic, over-complex PBNs anymore.

Even one mention in a perfectly targeted, well-respected blog beats 1,000 links on crap-blogs (that will actually get your site deranked).

With Postifluence, realistic and organic traffic growth is finally within the reach of every marketer.

Your Customers Work Hard On Their Business, Now Find Them An Audience

  • Find guest post opportunities on real, high-ranking and popular blogs andsites.

  • 100% organic and effective. You only get sites that Google already loves. No obsoletePBN links.

  • Gives you full ranking data about the site including Alexa ranking, traffic estimates, and more.

  • Automated contact system sends out your reach-out campaign through email and SMS 100% handsfree.

  • Supports email account integration from high-delivery ESPs Gmail & Outlook. Also supports SMTP

  • Readymade campaign email templates has you reaching bloggers on day #1.

  • Works for every single niche. Ecom, pets, fashion, electronics, services, dating. You pick it, you grow it.

  • Gets you only the sites that can actually publish your content. No more wasting your time.

  • Digs out real and accurate contact information of blog owner including name, email & phone number.

  • Customized {snippets} functionality lets you tailor-make each outreach.

  • Detailed analytics, sales reporting, and progress tracking for members & students.

  • Supports email account integration from high-delivery ESPs Gmail & Outlook. Also supports SMTP

Marketplace Creates A Daily Earning Opportunity For Our Customers

An in-built marketplace lets Postifluence users list their guest-posting and blogging offers, letting buyers and sellers interact and give each other business.

Your Subscribers Will Buy This To Get Access To The Marketplace

Internet marketers love agency opportunities that help them get more sales. The Postifluence marketplace brings the most powerful agency opportunity in our market.

Sell guest-post and article opportunities on your blogs & sites

Buy guest post and articles on other people’s blogs

Trade & exchange guest posts and articles

Get guest posts published for local businesses

Unlocks a huge number of niches for marketers

8 Reasons Why Your Audience Will Love Postifluence

There is a trend away from ads and back to organic after the recent FB update.

This is 100% organic SEO. No fluff, no magic. It works cause it’s authentic.

All new marketplace helps your customers get sales regularly.

Fully automated reachout system. Marketers love hands-free.

Collects publisher phone numbers and sends SMSs. No one’s done it yet.

Delivers high-ranking guest post opportunities. Only the real blogs.

Works for any niche. Realtime discovery brings the most recent data.

Continuously updating dataset. Keeps marketing fresh and effective.

Includes Agency

First to market, never seen before software

Backed With Months of Development & Research

  • Intuitive app with an amazingly easy to use UI.

  • Rigorously

  • Detailed tutorials and trainings included.

  • Dedicated 24 hours support team with live chat support round the clock.

  • High quality evergreen app maintained with diligence.

We are not just software developers but also content marketers. We created Postifluence by asking the right
questions to our customers and then deploying the decades of experience we have in content marketing.

This is a powerful solution, made for real marketers.

One-Time Accounts & Agency Rights Only During Launch

Postifluence will be launched with lifetime valid accounts at launch but will go recurring right after launch. This is going to be powerful scarcity to get you the maximum sales during launch.

During the launch, your customers get Agency rights. They can use Postifluence to do guest-post marketing for their clients. After launch this goes away

Postifluence Demo

Postifluence Marketplace Demo

Includes Powerful SEO Training To Help Your Buyers Get More With Postifluence

With just a tool you’re only half there. The secret to success is knowing what to do with it.

When you get Postifluence, we don’t just give you the tool, we also give you the roadmap. We show you what to do with Postifluence to get your marketing on the maximum number of blogs.

Included with the front-end. Every buyer gets it.

Your customers will be eager to buy Postifluence to get their hands on the training itself.

Our Super Funnel

High EPCs & Conversions Assured


Postifluence Elite

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Postifluence Pro



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All About The OTOs


Postifluence Pro - $67

Higher search limits.

Send more campaign emails.

Send more SMS messages daily.

Unlimited campaigns.

Cheaper credits.

Marketplace posting rights

2 Years of upgrade

And much more


CloudFunnels Pro - $67

Build powerful landing pages and
memberships with the most powerful
funnel builder.


MailEngine Pro - $47

Get higher inboxing with the most
powerful self-hosted email

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